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Last year about this time I was having dinner with a friend who was excited to share with me that she’d recently found consistency in her workout efforts. Though her schedule had been challenging, she hadn’t let a few days off turn into a complete derailment like in times passed. She’d also tried out a few new workout DVDs, and instead of becoming frustrated as she was accustomed to feeling when she couldn’t keep the pace of the instructor, she decided to change her focus. “Cheryl” instead concentrated on just finishing the workouts, allowing herself breaks whenever she needed. Over the course of several months, Cheryl recognized that some of the more novice workouts she had started with were no longer challenging. In fact, she’d put them on the shelf for prosperity. And while some of the more advanced routines are currently kicking her tail, she’s looking forward to kicking them to the curb in the weeks to come as well.

These simple changes in attitude were admittedly a real paradigm shift for my rallying pal, yet relatable for us all.  How many times have we allowed perfection to be what I term “the enemy of the good”? If we overdo it on a Saturday night, we vow to start “clean” on Monday. If our schedules are too hectic for our full hour workout, we skip, promising to get up early tomorrow. If our knee’s a little tweaky, we remind ourselves of all the exercises we can’t do, versus all of those we still can.

My friend’s story made me smile. (It actually made me want to jump up and down. As those of you who know me, I can become highly excitable on these types of topics). She contested that she felt stronger, her clothes fit better, her energy was much higher, and she wasn’t even experiencing her usual headaches any longer. She also no longer craved an afternoon nap to get herself through the remainder of the day. What she hadn’t necessarily recognized was that she had actually achieved progress because she abolished perfection, not despite it. This wasn’t an anomaly. This is what happens. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, some days are better than others, but there are no perfect days.

So here we are about to embark on the holiday season, the most wonderfully imperfect time of the year when it comes to our health and fitness efforts. Our schedules are as frenzied as an elf in Santa’s workshop; our workouts as scarce as a snowman in Haiti; and our eating habits are as mindful as your eccentric uncle’s comments at the Thanksgiving dinner table. We throw up our hands to any good habits until the New Year ball drops January 1st.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 2017 can still be your new year by finishing it differently than you ever have before. This year can be the year that you check in with some mindful habits while the rest of the world is at the check out. This year can be the year that you are feeling fulfilled on December 31 versus feeling frustrated for giving up what could have been 6 weeks of progress. This year can be the season when you discover that perfection is completely overrated, and that being perfectly naughty is the way to go!

So please join me in Miss-Fit’s Not Naughty, but Nice(r) Holiday Challenge , where you’ll be given the tools, support, and incentives to balance the fun and festivity of the season with a plan and progression towards your goals. Maybe for the first time ever, you’ll experience a season of fulfillment, not frustration, and finish the year with a sense of success without scarcity.  Here’s just a snapshot of what you’ll get…

12 Days of Fit-Mas. You’ll get 12 unique workouts that are designed to get you in and out of the gym so you can be off and running to your holiday party or shopping. You’ll be able to quickly check two items off your list in less than 30 minutes, and be everyday closer to a third. Cardio? Check. Weights? Check. Getting into that little holiday dress?……Check it out!!

Miss-Fit’s Holiday Survival Kit including festive recipes for you (and your free-loading company!)

Morning After Plan B(loat) to get you feeling back on track on those occasions you do overindulge.

 A Season of Significance versus a Season of Stuff because I just can’t leave well enough alone with a challenge for your body, but I have to challenge your being as well!

Gifts!! Not only will you be unwrapping a tighter package of you, but I’ll be gifting you with even more incentives for your “all-in moderate” effort! How often does that happen?! That’s right, my fellow Miss-Fits, you’re going to totally be on the honor roll with a C+ average. Everyone who participates in the challenge and earns 75% of the total maximum week’s points will be eligible for $250 cash to help ring in the New Year! For every referral that you bring to the Challenge, you’ll also be rewarded with an entry for the big pot!

Accountability, Coaching, and Support. And I think this is perhaps the best and most important of all. It’s hard to go it alone, especially during the challenging holiday season. To have a coach and a team cheering you on (and calling you on your stuff!) is key for your success!

So let’s do this thing! Let’s finish off the year strong (and svelte)! The 2nd Annual Not Naughty, but Nice(r) Holiday Challenge is back! You can learn more and register here!

I’m so blessed to have such a great group of followers! Happy and healthy holidays to you all!



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