The Kapsule Kitchen – Take the Question of “What’s for Dinner” Off the Plate

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It’s 6pm. The children are politely sitting around the table thanking you for the wonderful vegetables your husband has just prepared for dinner. They politely request a second helping while your family finishes up a riveting conversation about everyone’s best experiences of the day. After Junior clears the dishes and you finish your glass of Merlot, you all go outside to enjoy the 65 degree weather on a leisurely stroll.

And then you wake up.

Seriously. More likely it’s 6pm, and you haven’t even thought about what’s for dinner. You’re starving. Both kids are in need of a taxi to their evening activities. You’re wiped from a hectic day, and the hubs is nowhere to be found.

I will venture to say that for most of my clients, diets die at the dinner meal. It’s where the willpower, schedules, and literal cookie crumbles. It’s where the almost cliché phrase transforms to proverb….

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

How many of you hate planning meals? Hate thinking about it, hate taking the time it requires to plan, grocery shop, and prepare? Hate having to accommodate more than just your own mouth?! Hate having the obligation of simply coming up with an idea day in and day out?

Food is my business, and I hate it too. Not necessarily because it’s such a tough or dirty job. I hate it because just like doing the laundry. It’s a necessary process, but it keeps me from doing more proactive and progressive tasks and worthwhile endeavors.

This all being said, those of you who have followed me for any length of time know that my philosophy for you and myself, is for all of us to have better health habits tomorrow than we do today; that we make better choices in five years than we’re making now. And one of the best habits for our own health and that of our children is to prepare and share dinner.

Miss-Fit’s mission is almost exclusively devoted to helping moms improve their health habits. And one of the biggest reasons for my passion and practice towards moms is that 73% of kids say that they learn how to be healthy from their mother. I know that if I can help you change your habits then I change an entire generation behind us. There are obvious nutritional and even psychological benefits from eating at home, but there’s another important factor to consider. Where are our kids going to learn what goes into the basic make-up of a healthy meal or how to prepare it if it’s not from us?

In my practice as a coach and dietitian….(and mom and human being) is that one of the key factors in establishing any kind of habit is a system. It’s rarely a lack of education that keeps people from eating better. Most don’t have a degree in nutrition, but almost all have enough awareness about the topic to make some progress. It’s not the lack of knowledge. It’s not even a lack of discipline or will power that most people tend to blame. In fact, I’ll venture to say that most diet hopefuls actually put too much pressure on discipline and willpower, setting themselves up for failure. They stock their pantry with junk and want to rely on willpower to abstain from eating it because it’s “for the kids”. They grab a pizza on the way home not because they’re weak, but because didn’t eat enough lunch, they know they don’t have what they need for dinner at home, and they’re freaking HUNGRY!

What makes an individual successful in most any endeavor, including her nutrition efforts, is consistency. Consistency is built on habit, and habit is built on systems. Good systems are built on simplicity.

That’s what I’ve wanted to create for you…and for me. A system for meal planning and prep that was simple enough it could be sustainable. And now, finally, in just a few short days, I’ll be rolling out the Kapsule Kitchen, a “dinner solution” to systemize and greatly simplify the art and of meal planning and preparation.

In the Kapsule Kitchen, I’ll offer tips and tactics so no matter your palate preferences or notions of nutrition, you’ll have the blueprint for “project dinner”. However, you’ll also be equipped with over 40 “mix and match” recipes that literally start with “the basics”. You’ll also be offered ways to “accessorize” with simple sauces, salad combos, and specific spice blends. This package will be your fall and winter’s collection of recipes that are “normal”, healthy, and simple.

For any of you who happened to purchase last season’s Kapsule Kitchen, “thank you”. For the spring and summer we focused on grilling options and warm weather fare. However, for the fall/winter “collection”, the main “accessory” you’ll need is a crock pot! Yes, think soups, stews, and roasts that will welcome you home every evening from scents that have been simmering all day. Think comfort foods like cornbread that even a gluten-free, dairy-free girl can devour guilt- and bloat-free. Think seasonal produce like squash, root vegetables, and cabbage. Oh, and think, “I won’t have to plan one more meal until the snow has come and melted!” Cuz that’s what I’m talkin about.

The Fall/Winter Kapsule Kitchen arrives on Friday, just in time for the cold weather snap in Kansas! Stay tuned this week for the link!



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