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Elevating the habits & mindsets of women on nutrition, fitness & wellness

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meet erin henry, rd

Hello! I am, if you will, the original Miss-Fit. I am a registered dietitian, wellness coach, fitness trainer, & voice behind this blog.

When I first created Miss-Fit, I was really looking for a personification of a woman’s well-being. Miss-Fit isn’t a real person, she’s an image, my image, of living well. And so it is my mission here - to help coach you towards your own ideal of living well.

All this being said, I recognize that navigating the “wellness” way is no easy feat these days. This industry amasses with fitness and nutrition information that’s confusing, compartmentalizing, contradictory, and often even compromising to our optimal health. The tools and insights I provide here are all designed to help you make real sense of real wellness and transform your mindset and habits in a way that’s sensible and sustainable towards a vision that’s YOUR ideal of health.

But here’s the other part of the story. I want you to feel great about YOU. However, a big reason why I do what I do is that I know how much you influence your own family members. In fact 73% of kids say that they learn to be healthy from Mom. So, if I get a chance to change your health choices, then I have an opportunity to change an entire generation that comes after you. And that gives me goose bumps. I hope it motivates you, too. 


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Miss-Fit Manifesto

The most important elements of a path well traveled include cultivating rich relationships, finding purpose in life, building prosperity, enriching one’s mind, nourishing one’s body, and feeding one’s soul. All of these elements are included in the Miss-Fit Manifesto…