About Miss-fit

Hello. My name is Erin Henry, and I am, if you will, the original Miss-Fit. I am a registered dietitian, wellness coach, personal trainer, and general dawg behind this blog. Though I did create Miss-Fit, I am not The Miss-Fit, well, not any more than you are. It’s a title that’s been perhaps misrepresented and therefore misunderstood. Let me explain...

When I first created Miss-Fit, I was really looking for a personification of a woman’s well-being. Miss-Fit isn’t a real person, she’s an image, my image, of living well. The fact is, we’re all misfits trying to become Miss-fits. We’ve all got our own struggles, insecurities and feelings of inadequacy, yet all on a journey of a better “me”. For this misfit, Miss-Fit is a woman who is wise, warm, energetic, fit and strong, who doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s not just someone who works on her body, she’s someone who works on herself…her entire self. She reads. She is aware of the world around her. She gives to the world more than she takes, and she’s trying to foster an environment in her home where her children are doing the same. She’s learning new skills. She’s trying new things. She’s mindful. She recognizes that she’s a spiritual being that fits into this universe in a unique way, and is always attempting to find the best way to best serve her purpose here. Oh, and she’s also trying to eat, train, rest and behave in a way that allows her body to keep up with her life.

But there’s another dimension to this complicated caricature. She’s content. And that may be the key to her loveliness. If The Miss-Fit teaches us nothing at all, it’s that we must remain at peace with where we are “here”, always recognizing that we’ll never be “there”. “There” is a moving target. We’ll always be on a journey towards it. And ironically enough, sometimes the goal shouldn’t necessarily be about becoming anything. Sometimes in fact, the very best thing we can do is un-become anything that isn’t really us, so we can be the person each of us was designed to be in the first place.

It’s true that good things exist out “there”. “There” gives us vigor. It promotes growth. It fosters life. Without it, we stay where we are and though “here” is a good place to be, it’s not a good place to stay.

I’ve literally never met anyone like her

So really, for me, Miss-Fit is kind of like an icon, and I’m a bit of a groupie.  She’s like the “it’ girl that I stalk. I want to be her friend. I want to be her. She’s not perfect, (because who wants to hang out with that?!), but she is awesomely understanding, forgiving, and full of grace and humility with herself and with me.  Instead of  harshly scolding me, she speaks encouragingly when I screw up. She gives me time to think through how and what went wrong with my decision-making, but then she quickly makes me move on, not allowing me to dwell on my mistakes. She’s not critical of me. She doesn’t point out my flaws. She loves me unconditionally. She believes in me. She gives the best advice. In fact, she’s so damn awesome, I’m thinking about wearing a bracelet that says WWMFD? What Would Miss-Fit Do?

Miss-Fit is magnificent because she’s YOU. She’s your best YOU. She’s not me. She’s not the friend on Facebook with the perfect children and fabulous vacations. She’s not the girl with the 25-inch waist and a babe for a husband. She does exist, but not in those women. And when you find her, she’ll help you shine your brightest. The better you know her, the more help she can be to guiding your path. Find out what’s important to her. How does she treat people? How does she care for herself? How does she stay healthy? How does she handle difficult situations? In fact, if you need a more formal introduction to this seemingly elusive Miss-Fit, I’d be glad to help break the ice! Head on over to my Work with Erin page and we’ll arrange a chat! I hear she’s really spectacular once you get to know her!


About Erin

Though I’m not nearly as exciting as Miss-Fit, I certainly do have a passion and energy for helping women become their best beings. I’d like to leave it at that, but my hubs and business coach says I have to prove to you that I’m not a quack. So here goes…

I’m a foodie by nature. I cook, but not because I love to cook, but because I love to eat. I earned my first degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management from Kansas State University. However, a few years later, when I discovered that it was indeed the science of food and not the management of food that really nourished my soul, I went back to school to get my second degree in Dietetics. I completed my dietetic internship at the esteemed Mayo Clinic and St. Luke’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Fl, and went on to provide nutrition counseling and services for a vast array of dietetic domains including a physician supervised weight loss center, school food service, restaurants, athletes, university research & extension, worksite wellness programmin, and nutrition counseling for families with children on the autism spectrum.

I like to say I’m the trifecta of wellness. Besides being a registered nutritionist/dietitian, I’m also a certified personal trainer from the National Sports and Conditioning Association and a certified wellness coach from the American College of Sports Medicine’s Wellcoaches. With this knowledge and experience, it’s been primarily in the focus of fat loss and women’s wellness where I have found my heart to hum. In particular, I relate to moms. We’re big influencers of health in our families. In fact 73% of kids say that they learn to be healthy from Mom. So if I get a chance to change your health choices, then I have an opportunity to change an entire generation that comes after you. And that gives me goose bumps.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Let’s do coffee next time. If that’s too much commitment, you can like me (or at least tolerate me) on Facebook. Even better, sign up for Miss-Fit’s Musings to catch my sermons and shenanigans in living out the Miss-Fit Manifestowith the hubs, Mr. Right, and my two Mini-Fits.  But above all else, BE WELL!