The Miss-fit Approach


 Erin is the original Miss-Fit and her professional background includes extensive experience in fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaching.

She takes a holistic approach to improving wellness, and because of it, she supports positive and lasting changes in all aspects of emotional, mental, financial, spiritual, vocational, and physical health.

If your knees hurt when you run, you should not run. If you hate the taste of kale, you should not eat kale. We good? There’s more than one way to skin a cat (whatever that means), or in this case, slim a Miss-fit.

Erin takes a very individualized approach to every client she coaches. She recognizes that YOU have a story with a unique history and particular set of challenges. She always seeks to meet you where you are in your journey and helps you set a course of action that will lead you towards your best being. In an industry that tends to be very black and white, Erin will help you navigate the world of fitness and nutrition and all of its glorious shades of grey.

Erin is a registered dietitian. She’s a certified personal trainer. She’s a certified wellness coach. Blah, Blah. She’s all the things. But she cares about you. She cares about how your perceive yourself, how you care for yourself, and what kind of example you are sharing about all of those things with your own daughters. As a scientist, she will provide you quality knowledge and education, but as a coach, mom, friend, and human being she will also always offer practicality to help you design a plan that’s sane and sustainable.

Erin believes whole heartedly that you are more than your size, and it’s also her mission to instill in you the mindset and habits that create the energy, confidence, and vitality that allow you to take up more space in the world, not less.

So come on Golidlocks, come join her in discovering your biggest self….at just the right size. 

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90-Day Program Includes…

  • One-on-one video call with Erin to establish a plan and partnership for conquering your unique challenges when it comes to looking and feeling your personal best.

  • Custom cardio and strength training plans specific to your goals, facilities, time, and lifestyle so you can actually live your ideal of fitness.

  • Access to Miss-Fit’s new online portal system so you can have ultimate accountability and access to Erin with in-app messaging, as well as nutrition, workout, and progress tracking.

  • Nutrition coaching to guide your choices beyond blindly following a diet. Learn how to eat in a way that keeps you satisfied, curbs your cravings, AND gets you results.

….and lots of mindset coaching along the way to help keep your head in the game over the long haul…you know, like, for life! 

Starting investment: $497